National Photovoltaic Network Conference (NFV NETWORK – Conference 2023)

National Photovoltaic Network Conference (NFV NETWORK - Conference 2023)

Mib-solar, as part of the MUSA project, is actively participating in the organisation of the next National Photovoltaic Network (NFV NETWORK) Conference 2023 on 22 and 23 June in Aula Sironi, building U4 – Tellus.

Submit abstracts at this link:  Abstract NFV Network Conference
Abstract deadline: 20 May 2023

The National Photovoltaic Network (NFV Network) conference is a very important event for the photovoltaic community in Italy. The conference will address research topics in the field of photovoltaics, both in terms of new technologies and applications of photovoltaics in utility scale and highly integrated contexts such as Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics (BIPV) and agri-voltaics.

Industry experts will discuss the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs and discuss the challenges and opportunities that the future of photovoltaics can offer. The event is also an important opportunity for the photovoltaic community in Italy to meet and define a development plan for the community. Experts and conference participants will contribute to the definition of a national strategy for the development of photovoltaics in Italy and on possible solutions for the integration of this technology in different applications. The conference is a great opportunity for the Italian photovoltaic community to meet, exchange ideas and work together for a sustainable and promising future for this important technology.

The conference will give PhD students and young researchers the opportunity to present their research work and share their ideas with the participants. It will be an important opportunity for them to gain new skills and knowledge about the latest trends and technologies in the field of photovoltaics, as well as to meet experts and professionals in the field to discuss possible job opportunities and collaboration. This will help to promote collaboration between universities, research centres and industry, fostering the creation of new partnerships and research projects. Their participation is therefore a key element for the future development of the photovoltaic sector in Italy and internationally.